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Visitation Policy

Visitation Policy

Deep Springs’ student body practices a policy of isolation, and as such, does not entertain unsolicited visits. Those wishing to visit should contact the current Student Body President at least two weeks prior to their intended date of arrival, including as much information as possible about their plans and motivations in their letter of request.

A cover letter should include:

1.     Proposed date(s)/duration of visit;

2.     Visitor’s prior association with the College, if applicable;

3.     Number of potential visitors;

4.     Motivations for visit (detailed answers appreciated).

Please note that the Student Body is more likely to approve an isolation breach if the requested date(s) is/are during an end-of-term term break. We also strongly discourage requests from prospective applicants; please contact the Applications Committee for more information in this regard.

You can find our academic calendar here, and the contact information of our current Student Body President here.