Working Here

To achieve its unique mission, Deep Springs employs a team of highly dedicated, talented staff and faculty.

Faculty. The teaching faculty is anchored by three long-term professors in the broad areas of humanities, natural science and social science. These faculty members typically remain at the College from two to six years. Additionally, the College employs short term professors who teach for a period of time ranging from a seven-week summer term, to a semester or an entire year. At any given time, there are generally five to seven professors on campus.

More information on the faculty hiring process and open teaching positions can be found here.

Staff. Since learning at Deep Springs is not confined to the classroom, staff members as well as faculty are seen as mentors and educators. Staff members work closely with students, supervising, instruction and giving feedback on students’ work in the Labor Pillar. Staffing levels and positions change from year to year as the College’s needs change.

More information on staff positions can be found here.

Living & Working at Deep Springs. With few exceptions, all Deep Springs staff and faculty live on campus and are invited to eat communal meals in the dining hall. There are no attendance requirements for meals or other community events, but faculty and staff are invited and encouraged to participate in the general community life of Deep Springs. A generous benefits package is offered to long-term employees, including health & dental/vision insurance, paid time off, employer-paid retirement contributions and funds for professional development. For more details see Employment FAQs.

Deep Springs is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion or political affiliation.