Office Telephone: (760) 872-2000 (ext. 33)

Due to our remote location, our phone system is occasionally unavailable for incoming calls. If your call does not go through and you would like to speak by phone with someone from the college, please email your contact information to the most relevant contact person/address listed on this page.  We will return your call as soon as possible.

Mailing Address (used by USPS and UPS):

Deep Springs College
HC 72 Box 45001
Dyer, NV 89010

Physical Address (preferred by FedEx):

Deep Springs College
250 Deep Springs Ranch Road
Highway 168
Big Pine, CA 93513

Development Contacts

John Dewis, Development Director
(760) 938-6176

Kerrie Coborn, Development Officer

Sue Darlington, President
(760) 872-2000, ext. 72

General Contacts

Chenyi Zhao, Student Body Chair

Tim Gipson, Ranch Manager
(760) 872-2000, ext. 87

Ryan Derby-Talbot, Dean of the Academic Program
(760) 872-2000, ext. 83

Inquiries about applications for admission should be addressed to Declan Rexer, Chair of the Applications Committee, via email at apcom@deepsprings.edu.

Media inquiries should be addressed to Press Inquiries at pressinquiries@deepsprings.edu

Inquiries about faculty hiring should be addressed to Alice Owen, Chair, Curriculum Committee, via email at curcom@deepsprings.edu.

Inquiries about staff hiring should be addressed to Padraic MacLeish, Director of Operations, at (760) 872-2000, ext. 27 or via email at padraicm@deepsprings.edu.

Questions about giving to the college should be addressed to John Dewis, Development Director, at (760) 938-6176 or via email at johndewis@deepsprings.edu.

Questions or comments for the Trustees of Deep Springs College should be addressed to Johnathan DeWeese, TDS Secretary, at TDS_Secretary@deepsprings.edu.

Questions or comments about the website should be directed to Tashroom Ahsan, Chair, Communications Committee at comcom@deepsprings.edu.

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