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New Century Campaign

New Century Campaign

Because we charge no tuition of our students, Deep Springs maintains a special relationship with our alumni and contributors. Their yearly commitment to the college, coupled with a healthy endowment, allows us to meet our budget responsibly every year. At present, income from the endowment provides for 60% of annual expenses, income from farm operations provides 7% and annual contributions provide the rest. In addition, we need periodic contributions for capital maintenance and improvements.

With the turn of a new century our goal is to solidify the long-term health of the college and the academic program through four key projects:

  • Increase endowment to provide for 70% of our operating budget
  • Establish a $250,000 fund to endow our Summer Seminar classes
  • Fulfill a $500,000 fund to endow our Herb Reich Sciences Chair
  • Remodel the Boarding House (dining hall) to accommodate changes in our labor program, improve community life and facilitate self-governance

Ideally, an income ratio of 70/25/5 from endowment/annual gifts/farm & ranch will provide the best sustainable long-term fiscal policy.

To achieve these goals, the college needs to raise $3million in the next three years and ultimately another $8million for our endowment by 2025. Meanwhile, we must continue to raise approximately $600,000 each year for annual operations. To do that, we need the help of many hundreds of contributors. Please read below for the areas in which you can help, and see the Ways of Giving page to learn how. We invite you to join our New Century and be a part of “the most innovative college in the country” as we embark on another hundred years.

Annual Operations

Contributions to annual giving are for use to cover operating expenses on an ongoing basis. In this manner, your contribution goes directly toward paying salaries and expenses in the current fiscal year. You can contribute with a check to Deep Springs College or, to manage your giving budget, you may consider scheduling recurring credit card payments throughout the year. Contact Kerrie Coborn and she can set this up for you, or you can do so yourself at our DONATE page.

Endowment Gifts

After many years of financial struggle, we completed a $15 million Centennial Campaign in 2013 to secure the financial stability of the college. As of July, 2017, the endowment stands at $23.6 million. Our New Century Campaign goal of an additional $8 million will secure our position into the next century. This will allow us to keep pace with rising salaries and expenses, reduce our dependence on annual operating donations and make for more predictable budget cycles. You can contribute through an immediate gift now or by making a pledge which can be fulfilled at a future point or over several payments. To download a pledge form, click here. You may also make a planned gift through your estate. See the Ways of Giving page for more information.

Capital Purchases

We continually need to upgrade vehicles, enhance our library, or replace outdated facility equipment. Through capital contributions, we can improve the caliber of our facilities and academic program without having to trim salaries or ongoing operations. The Boardinghouse serves as both a kitchen and hub of community life. With the increased use of our own garden produce and baked goods, space for food preparation and storage has become woefully inadequate. Meanwhile, increased use of events and student meetings has cramped the dining hall. Through renovating the existing structure we can enhance all these functions for the benefit of the students and community. Your gift will help us reach the $2,000,000 needed to complete renovations. Or, if you have other specific capital gifts in mind, we are always open to ideas.

Program Enhancements

Many contributors also prefer that their gift be earmarked to support specific program enhancements that may not be fully met by the operating budget–things like music instruction, additional summer seminar instruction, or first aid training. We are happy to accept gifts earmarked for these program needs.

See the “Ways of Giving” page for information about how to make your donation. One option is to contribute through our account with Network for Good.

Deep Springs College is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation established in the state of California. Contributions to our educational work are eligible for tax-deduction under applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Recent tax filings of Form 990 for Deep Springs Corporation can be viewed at