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Trustees of the L.L. Nunn Trust

In 1923, L.L. Nunn established a Trust for the benefit of Deep Springs and its students. He named eight associates and a current student to serve as Trustees. Over half a century later, with much of the original estate depleted, the Trustees established a non-profit corporation to conduct the business of financing and operating the college. However, what remains of the Trust estate is still held for the benefit of the students, and is still overseen by a Board of Trustees including one current student:

Sally Carlson Managing Partner, Carlson Beck (Marin, CA)
Dave Hitz DS’80 Founder & Executive VP, NetApp (Sunnyvale, CA)
Kinch Hoekstra DS’82 Asst. Professor of Law & Political Science, UC Berkeley (Kensington, CA)
Tom Hudnut Educational Consultant, Resource Group 175 (Los Angeles, CA)
Michael Kearney DS’69 Software Consultant (Littleton, MA)
Ross Peterson Professor, Utah State / Former DS President (Logan, UT)
Elliot Setzer DS’15 Student Body Trustee (Ottowa, Canada)
David Welle DS’80 Producer / Development Director (Pepin, WI)
Frank Wu Distinguished Professor & Former Chancellor, UC Hastings College of Law (San Francisco, CA)