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Sawney David Webb DS53 (1937-2019)



David Webb DS53 (CB56 TA56) died in September 2019. David was the former distinguished research curator emeritus of vertebrate paleontology and a University of Florida professor. Webb served as curator from 1964 to 2003 and authored more than 100 scientific publications covering a broad range of topics. Much of his research focused on the Great American Biotic Interchange – the migration of animals between North and South America – and the evolutionary family tree of mammals with cloven hooves, with a focus on camels. He was known as a prolific scholar, a fieldwork enthusiast, a beloved mentor and a popular speaker. After retirement, in addition to continuing his professional work, David and his wife Barbara operated a bed and breakfast ranch in southwestern Montana.  (This memorial kindly provided by Matthew Trail in the Telluride Newsletter, spring 2020.)

Deep Springs Cowhands 1955: Ed Keonjian DS55, Sawney “Dave” Webb DS53, George Hardy DS54, and Jeff Johnson DS55 are heading to the lake to herd cattle.