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In Memoriam

Eunice Whitney, (1919-2012)

  20.Aug.2012   In Memoriam

Deep Springs mourns the loss of Eunice McIntosh Whitney, June 22, 1919 – August 17, 2012, who passed away suddenly and peacefully last Friday evening after returning home from dinner

Jane Breiseth, Wife of Former President Christopher Breiseth

  16.Jun.2012   In Memoriam

Jane Breiseth passed away in Ticonderoga NY on June 16 after a long battle with cancer. She was the wife of Christopher Breiseth and worked by his side from 1980–1983

Ranch Manager Fogger Dunagan

  25.Apr.2012   In Memoriam

We learned recently of the death of Fogger Dunagan on April 15 at the ripe old age of 100. Fogger served as Deep Springs’ Ranch Manager in the late 1950s

Jack Schaar, (1928-2011), Admired and Beloved Professor, Forty-Year Recidivist as Visiting Faculty Member

  4.Jan.2012   In Memoriam

John ‘Jack’ Schaar, a long-time contributor to Deep Springs’ academic program, passed away on December 26, 2011. Jack was a political theorist at UC Berkeley when he first taught at

Former TDS Chair Charles Christenson Deceased

  5.Dec.2010   In Memoriam

Former Chair of the Board of Trustees Charles “Chuck” Christenson died of natural causes on November 19th at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Charles was born September 25th, 1930 in