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In Memoriam

Sawney David Webb DS53 (1937-2019)

  12.Apr.2021   In Memoriam

    David Webb DS53 (CB56 TA56) died in September 2019. David was the former distinguished research curator emeritus of vertebrate paleontology and a University of Florida professor. Webb served

Mikhail Elias DS89 (1971 – 2020)

  6.Apr.2021   In Memoriam

Mikhail was a traveler to the last. He wasn’t ever on vacation—or at least, he wasn’t ever only on vacation. He always found a way to create a role, or

DAVE STEIDEL (1954-2020)

  1.Feb.2020   In Memoriam

David and Jane Steidel were the co-managers of the Deep Springs farm operation from April 1988 until May 1993. By the time I arrived in the valley in 1991, they,

David Schuman (1944-2019)

  12.Oct.2019   In Memoriam

David Schuman was born to Marie and Stanton Schuman on May 8, 1944, in Glencoe, Illinois.  He was the second of four children.  His father, a real estate attorney in

Peter O’Connor (1943-2019) Deep Springs architect with Bob Gatje DS44 and friend

  20.Jun.2019   In Memoriam

Peter O’Connor served as Deep Springs’ architect from 1995 to 2001, working closely with the Student Body, the Trustees, President Jack Newell, and Building Committee chair Bob Gatje to design