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Heide Moore (née Sachse) 1926 – 2018

Heide was born at Deep Springs in 1926 when her father Martin Sachse was the mechanic. She died on August 19 at age 92 after a long illness. Heide loved Deep Springs, and family lore involving Deep Springs is copious.

Martin met L.L. Nunn after the Great War and started work at Deep Springs after serving as a mechanic and pilot for Germany. Martin was famous for his zither playing, letter-writing campaign to woo bride-to-be Kate Park in Los Angeles, and his conversations with Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed Martin’s never-built house on the main circle.

Heide was one of two daughters (the other was Rosemary) to Martin and Kate, and she was famously dandled on the knee by Death Valley Scotty during a visit there with her parents and the student body. The Sachse family moved to Oregon when Heide was a just two years old, but Deep Springs was where it all began. She last visited the Valley in 2007.

This reminiscence was generously provided by Andy Moore and Nancy Jewhurst.