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Trustee/Board Statement at Conclusion of Spring 2013 TDS Meeting

The Trustees of Deep Springs College gathered in Deep Springs Valley over the weekend of March 22-24. Many significant decisions resulted from the semi-annual meeting. The Board appointed Prof. David Neidorf to another term as President of the College. Neidorf originally took office in 2008. They praised his service and especially appreciated the efforts he made in solidifying faculty and staff. David Neidorf is now committed to stay with the college until 2017, the centennial of Deep Springs’ founding.

The Board of Trustees also re-elected Dave Hitz ’80 to another term as Trustee. Hitz currently serves as Chair of the Board and his term was due to expire in October. Board members thanked Hitz for the energy and devotion he has given to Deep Springs as a Trustee. The reappointment of Neidorf and Hitz secures the leadership of the college as it moves toward its centennial. All board members present reaffirmed these recommendations.

David Neidorf also announced to the community that Deep Springs had reached the fifteen million dollar goal for the Endowment campaign begun in 2005. The original closure date was the end of 2012 and an anonymous bequest enabled the achievement in early 2013. It was also noted that annual giving had remained steady throughout the recent economic downturn.

On the matter of Deep Springs’ 2011 vote to become a coeducational institution, college counsel Chris Campbell ’73 reviewed the legal history of the past eighteen months. The Board and counsel carefully and thoroughly discussed the objections of those contesting the coed recommendation. Following the lengthy deliberations and Campbell’s extensive report, the Board, except for one member, approved the following statement:

“We are disappointed with the Court’s initial ruling on February 13, 2013, but we accept the Court’s decision and will not admit young women to the class of 2013. All of the Trustees, except one, remain committed to the Board’s 2011 decision to transition to coeducation. We strongly believe that this is the best policy for achieving L.L. Nunn’s purpose for Deep Springs, best for its students both now and in years to come, and the best means to assure the future viability and relevance of the institution. Consequently, we will continue to pursue a legal path to coeducation.

“There are several legal theories supporting coeducation at Deep Springs. The judge suggested that we consider them one at a time, so this first decision addressed only the narrow issue of interpretation of the trust. As a board, we are appealing that decision. We are also proceeding with our request that the court modify the terms of the trust. There are other options, but this is where we will begin. We wish the process were faster, but in the end we hope and expect to be successful in our efforts to fulfill L.L. Nunn’s goal of educating students who are committed to a life of service and responsibility.”

Accolades were extended by the Board to the students, staff, and faculty for their continual efforts to make Deep Springs successful. Finally, the Trustees announced that they will embark with the entire extended community on preparations for a grand celebration in 2017, the Centennial of L.L. Nunn’s establishment of the college.

Text of TDS Resolutions

Resolution to Re-elect Dave Hitz to the Board of Trustees

Whereas, Dave Hitz has served with distinction as a board member of the Deep Springs Corporation for 9 year;

Whereas, Dave has creatively energized the annual giving program;

Whereas, Dave has energetically fulfilled an essential leadership role in the capital campaign by devoting many hours and other resources to cultivating major gifts; and,

Whereas, Dave had provided strong and effective leadership as Chairman of the Board due to his extensive management experience in private industry;

Whereas, Dave has the time, energy, and commitment necessary to lead Deep Springs through the upcoming centennial anniversary and capital campaign, and to address the challenges facing the college in the final years of its first century to ensure Deep Springs has a successful start on its second century;


The Board of Directors of Deep Springs Corporation determines that it is appropriate to elect Dave Hitz to a third four-year term on the Board of Directors commencing in October, 2013

Resolution of Continued Support for Coeducation

The Trustees of Deep Springs have carefully considered the purpose of Deep Springs, how best to achieve this purpose, and changes in society since the college was founded. The trustees continue to support a transition to a coeducational body.