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Telluride Association Annual Convention

The Deep Springs campus community (and tiny desert valley) is playing host to this year’s annual convention of our sister institution, Telluride Association. Telluride, or “TA,” was established in 1911 at Cornell University by Lucien L. Nunn to foster higher education built upon self-government and intellectual inquiry. The Association provides room and board scholarships for selected students at Cornell University and the University of Michigan, and sponsors summer education programs for selected high-school students at multiple locations in the U.S.

L.L. Nunn envisioned the educational programs at Deep Springs and Telluride Association working together to foster skills for leadership and community service. Association members hail from the ranks of those who have attended one of the TA programs or residence houses, or Deep Springs College. Committees, members, and executive officers conduct the majority of the Association’s fiscal and academic planning at their annual convention, putting the principles of self-governance into action. Deep Springs expects to host about 90 guests during this year’s 4-day convention, under the direction of current TA President Thomas Miller DS’04.