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Reunion of Alumni 1935-1955 – September 22-25, 2013

Deep Springs hosted a mini-reunion of alumni under sunny skies and mild temperatures. Despite some last-minute cancellations (due to illness or unexpected snow on the Sierra passes) which reduced the number of attendees, those alumni who came ranged from class of 1943-1953. One of them had not spent a night in the Valley since his student days in 1948. Activities included a tour of the lower ranch environs and the lake corrals (with a thorough description of operations from Ranch Manager Janice Hunter), probing discussions about student/staff dynamics in the 1940s & 50s, a presentation on the history of the period from former president Jack Newell DS’56, an evening of public speaking with both students and alumni, and plenty of great food from the staff & students in the Boarding House. All those who attended reported that it was one of the most meaningful visits they had ever experienced to Deep Springs. Many thanks to the attendees and to the students/staff for their assistance.