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How Will the 2017 Tax Legislation Impact Deep Springs?

  22.Dec.2017   College News

For those of you wondering how the recently passed tax law will be felt at Deep Springs, the answer is…we don’t really know yet, but it is the impact on

Deep Springs Now Accepting Applications from Women

  1.Sep.2017   Coeducation, College News

The board of Deep Springs College voted August 31, 2017 to open applications to women for the 2018 entering class. The board adopted the recommendation of the college’s Coeducation Transition

Deep Springs Board Passes Resolution Welcoming Legal Clearance for Coeducation

  1.Sep.2017   Coeducation, College News

Be it resolved that the Trustees of Deep Springs College acknowledge, appreciate, and applaud the June 28th California Supreme court decision not to change the California 4th District Court of

Update from Dave Hitz, Chair, Trustees of Deep Springs

  27.Jul.2017   Coeducation, College News

Coeducation: Is it Possible in 2018? The Trustees are pleased that the California Supreme Court decided not to review our case. This clears the way for coeducation at Deep Springs.

Evanne Jardine, Friend – Bishop, California

  15.Dec.2016   College News

We were saddened to learn of the death last week of long-time college friend Evanne Jardine of Bishop, California. Evanne and her husband John have been enthusiastic friends to the