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Matthew Kwatinetz DS’94 – New York

In February of this year, real estate and arts entrepreneur Matt Kwatinetz DS’94 took a new position as Executive Vice President for Asset Management at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. The NYCEDC was initially established in the 1960s to promote economic opportunities in New York through management and leverage of city owned property. Today, this remains the core purpose of the organization, whose mission includes “strengthening the city’s competitive position and facilitating investments that grow quality jobs and cultivate dynamic, resilient and livable communities throughout the five boroughs.”

The Asset Management Division of the NYCEDC pursues a multiple bottom-line strategy targeting not just financial returns but also multiple social metrics. The AM Division has multiple portfolios across traditional and specialized asset classes. Previously in his career, Matthew was a partner in a real estate advisory firm that advised numerous municipalities across the country on multiple-bottom line strategies for large scale developments. He remains passionate about urban development that actively incorporates cultural and social assets to enhance quality of life for neighborhoods in addition to providing economic return. He also remains active as an arts producer.