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Lee Talbot – Washington, D.C.

Lee Talbot DS’48 remains as busy as ever. A roundup of his activities in the previous year includes multiple honors for his lifetime accomplishments: In March of 2016, the Cosmos Club of Washington D.C. bestowed the Powell Award – in honor of founder and eminent explorer John Wesley Powell – on Dr. Talbot because “he preeminently embodies the values represented by Powell’s distinguished career.” In his attendant lecture, Lee emphasized that his wife Marty has been his full partner through much of his career.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature convened in September of 2016 with over 10,000 attendees for their quadrennial World Congress. At the gathering, Lee was honored with the Harold Jefferson Coolidge Medal to recognize his lifelong contributions in the field of international conservation and environmental affairs, his outstanding initiatives in the field of exploration and his continuing dedication to the field of conservation.

Also in September, Lee received the Legacy Award from the Defenders of Wildlife at their annual  dinner in Washington DC. Presented in recognition of lifetime achievements in wildlife conservation, the award was dedicated to: “Dr. Lee Talbot, World-Renowned Environmentalist for pioneering work in developing ecosystem science, shaping national and international environmental policies and principles, establishing an ecosystem basis for conservation, and conducting environmental work in 131 countries.”

Not one to focus only on work, Lee continues to compete (and win) regularly on the racing circuit. In June of 2016, he was recognized for his lifetime achievements with the first-ever Spirit of Vintage Racing award at the Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada’s historic Grand Prix in Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Talbot is a professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at George Mason University.