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Deep Springs Now Admitting Women

The board of Deep Springs College voted August 31, 2017 to open applications to women for the 2018 entering class. The board adopted the recommendation of the college’s Coeducation Transition Committee, which read: “Having reviewed the preparation needs for admitting women in the summer of 2018, the planning structure, agenda, and the institutional resources in place to address them, the transition committee recommends to the Board of Deep Springs College that the college welcome applications from all promising young people for the incoming class of 2018.”

Deep Springs has operated for a century with an all-male student body; this vote culminates a process begun by the Board’s 2011 resolution that having “carefully considered the purpose of Deep Springs, how best to achieve the purpose, and changes in society since the college was created, the trustees determine that it is appropriate to plan and implement a transition to a coeducational student body.”

The college plans to post the 2018 application to its website on September 5, 2017: https://www.deepsprings.edu/admissions/

Questions about coeducation: coedadmissionsquestions@deepsprings.edu

Press inquiries about coeducation: pressinquiries@deepsprings.edu