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Deep Springs Links to National Water & Climate Center

The Natural Resources Conservation Service, in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management, has established a remote weather monitoring station above the Deep Springs College reservoir. The station is part of the nationwide SCAN (Soil Climate Analysis Network) system of climate data monitors and feeds hourly information into the National Water & Climate Center. From roughly 1950–2000, students and staff manually recorded weather data on a daily basis and delivered the information to the National Weather Service. This new remote station restores the college’s ability to track weather data and does so automatically and with a direct connection to a satellite network.

UPDATE (Jan. 9, 2024): The students of Lisa Harris use the resources mentioned above and suggested www.californiadegrees.org/the-ultimate-guide-on-water-conservation-how-to-save-every-drop/ as a complementary resource. In addition, the weather station data mentioned above is directly accessible at National Weather Service Time Series Viewer.