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Christopher Jennings DS’00 – California

This month, Penguin Random House has published Paradise Now / The Story of American Utopianism, a new book by Chris Jennings DS’00. You can find the publisher’s link here. Chris tells the story of five interrelated utopian movements in an America still taking shape before the Civil War, beginning with the Shaker movement. From a recent review in the San Francisco Chronicle: “As a tour guide, Jennings is thoughtful, engaging and witty in the right doses…He makes the subject his own with fresh eyes and a crisp narrative, rich with detail.” The book was recently excerpted in the The New Republic and also received favorable notice in the New York Times Book Review: “Although never less than evenhanded, and sometimes deliciously wry, Jennings writes with obvious affection for his subjects. To read Paradise Now is to be dazzled, humbled and occasionally flabbergasted by the amount of energy and talent sacrificed at utopia’s altar.”