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April 16, 2014

Dylan Kenney DS’08 has received a Paul Mellon Scholarship to attend Clare College, Cambridge, where he will pursue an M.Phil. in Early Modern History. The Mellon Foundation awards grants to support scholarship for 3 years of study in British art and architectural history at Clare College. Dylan finishes at Yale this spring and will relocate to merry old England in the fall.

Author and Professor of English Peter Rock DS’86 has received a 2014 Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts – Fiction. The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation awards fellowships to provide financial assistance research and artistic creation. Guggenheim Fellowships are awarded to established professionals who “have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creativity in the arts.” The highly competitive awards (only 5% of applicants, on average, receive annual fellowships) were established in 1925 and are considered to be one of the premier awards for recognition of a recipient’s calibre in their field. Peter will use his award to further his current project: Spells, a fragmentary novel that is a collaboration with five photographers. You can follow Peter’s work at his website.

Jay Pulliam DS’78 Professor of Geophysics at Baylor University, Texas, will conduct extensive field research of seismic hazards on the island of Hispaniola this coming summer. Jay’s research involves placing sixteen sensors throughout the Dominican Republic to monitor seismic activity in the northeast Caribbean basin, in order to better understand potential effects on local site conditions on the island. The research will build on data gathered by a team that Dr. Pulliam led in 2013 in Santo Domingo, as well as research Jay participated in previously in 2005 an 2007, using ocean bottom seismographs. The devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti highlighted the importance of understanding seismic risks in this geologically complex area where the North American plate is sliding laterally past the Caribbean plate. Jay is conducting the research in collaboration with the Institute of Seismology in Dominican Republic. You can learn more about Jay’s past research here.