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Applicant Season and Spring ’19

Applicant season has come to a close here in the Deep Springs Valley, and it’s been quite a busy period! As the Curriculum Committee searched for new chairs in the social and natural sciences, the Applications Committee was busy coordinating, interviewing, and deliberating on the 45 student applicants who made it to the second round. The Student Body got to attend lectures about topics from microbiology to the history of confession; student applicants helped us slaughter our last two pigs and prepared the farm for seeding by clearing brush around the fields. In addition to all these various happenings, our community undertook the search for a new BH Manager given the recent departure of Martha Clarke, and the Search Committee has had their plate full of work—and food!

The weather slowly started warming up, the time for selections came around. A cohort of Painted Lady butterflies, slowly making their way North, fittingly graced the valley for a short spell just as we sent out acceptance emails to our incoming class of DS’19, and we welcomed our new BH Manager, Gabe Sanders, into the community. We’re making our final touches to prepare our reception for the incoming Deep Springers in the coming months, but already it’s starting to feel more relaxed—students can now be found lounging in the sun from time to time, rather than shut away in meetings and deliberations.

Here’s to a great applicant season!