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Update on Hearing in Inyo County Superior Court

In his March 6 public letter, Dave Hitz (Chair, Trustees of Deep Springs) wrote: “Our initial hearing is scheduled for March 9th. With no objections, the Judge could decide on the spot. However, we’ve heard from some people who may file objections. If so, the Judge will schedule another hearing to give them a reasonable time to respond to our arguments.”

At the March 9, 2012 hearing in Inyo County, Superior Court Judge Stout ordered that Trustees Kinch Hoekstra and Ed Keonjian had filed timely objections through their counsel. He ordered that they file any additional responsive pleadings on or before May 9, 2012 and he set a status conference on June 22nd. At that time he will determine the procedure for the balance of the matter. You may download the petitions to extend the filing period and the judge’s orders in response by clicking on the links below.