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Second-Round Application Notifications Delayed Until Mid-January

Deep Springs has changed its notification dates for admission to the second round of our applications process. For the class entering in 2013, applicants will be notified if they have been admitted to Part II of the applications process in mid-January. This is a change from the mid-December notification we have used in previous years, which is noted on the application form.

As you are probably aware, the College is waiting for a judicial ruling to ensure that we may include women in the 2013 entering class. The Judge intended to make his ruling by December 15 but he recently informed us that his schedule makes him unable to issue that ruling until early January. As a result, we will delay issuing our second-round invitations until we know more.

The due-date for second round essays will also change; it will be at least two weeks after we inform applicants who have reached the second round of their status. For those curious about the second-round essay questions in the meantime, you can download a PDF version of our second-round application here.

We greatly regret having to keep applicants waiting. We want you to know that we are grateful to both our male and female applicants for your interest in Deep Springs, and that we doing everything we can to make coeducation at Deep Springs a reality for the class of 2013.