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Deep Springs Settles Coed Opponents’ Claim for Legal Costs

In July of 2016, Respondents Kinch Hoekstra DS’82 and Ed Keonjian DS’55 obtained a court fees order that the college pay $1.35 million in fees and expenses to their legal representatives – Joseph C. Liburt DS’82 (of Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe LLP); Eric George and Ira Bibbero (of Browne George Ross LLP); and Heather M. Hoekstra. In the interest of putting uncertainty behind us and maintaining a focus on the eventual transition to coeducation, the Board voted to settle the fee claim now for a discount of roughly 30%. This also eliminates the risk of paying further legal fees in pursuit of an appeal of the court order. You can read the full settlement agreement here.

2016-01-20 Fee Order Settlement Agreement

The college is grateful to announce that the costs of this settlement have been matched by a generous donation from the Hitz Family Foundation. This means the settlement is financially neutral, with no net effect on the college’s balance sheet. You can read the original petition for costs, including detailed attorney’s bills in the March 30, 2015 posting below.