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Deep Springs Now Recruiting Women Applicants

Deep Springs is pleased and proud to welcome inquiries and applications from women for admission to the class entering in 2013. We invite prospective women applicants to send their contact information to us at coedadmissions@deepsprings.edu.

Our first priority in admissions will remain the same: maintaining current standards of academic ability, leadership potential, and desire to assume active and practical responsibility for the ongoing life of the Deep Springs community.

In addition, during a transitional period the college plans to prioritize achieving gender balance in the student body; we plan to admit a coeducational class in 2013 that is at least one half female. Transfer students are, as always, also encouraged to apply.

The Trustees of Deep Springs voted decisively in favor of coeducation, and are currently working through a legal process to implement this decision. We are optimistic enough to begin recruitment, but legal matters are difficult to predict with complete certainty. For this reason we want to inform prospective applicants that we may be prevented from admitting them to the college in the summer of 2013. Since submitting a college application never guarantees admission, we hope this won’t discourage applicants from getting interested in Deep Springs. We look forward to hearing from you.