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College Trustees Respond to Recent Legal Rulings

At their regularly scheduled spring 2013 meeting, March 22 – 24, the Trustees of the Deep Springs Trust and the Trustee Board Members of the Deep Springs Public-Benefit Corporation passed the following Resolution of Continued Support for Coeducation:

The Trustees of Deep Springs have carefully considered the purpose of Deep Springs, how best to achieve this purpose, and changes in society since the college was founded. The Trustees continue to support a transition to a coeducational body.

At the same meeting, the Trustees issued the following statement in response to the recent legal ruling that prevents coeducation from proceeding in 2013:

We are disappointed with the Court’s initial ruling on February 13, 2013, but we accept the Court’s decision and will not admit young women to the class of 2013. All of the Trustees, except one, remain committed to the Board’s 2011 decision to transition to coeducation. We strongly believe that this is the best policy for achieving L.L. Nunn’s purpose for Deep Springs, best for its students both now and in years to come, and the best means to assure the future viability and relevance of the institution. Consequently, we will continue to pursue a legal path to coeducation.

There are several legal theories supporting coeducation at Deep Springs. The judge suggested that we consider them one at a time, so this first decision addressed only the narrow issue of interpretation of the trust. As a board, we are appealing that decision. We are also proceeding with our request that the court modify the terms of the trust. There are other options, but this is where we will begin. We wish the process were faster, but in the end we hope and expect to be successful in our efforts to fulfill L.L. Nunn’s goal of educating students who are committed to a life of service and responsibility.

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