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Appeals Court Issues Tentative Ruling

We got positive news. The Court of Appeal issued a “tentative opinion” in favor of coeducation at Deep Springs (the ruling is linked at the bottom of this message).
Courts issue tentative opinions to help lawyers on both sides focus the next round of arguments. Why waste time trying to convince the court of something it already believes? The goal is “to reduce delay and conserve judicial resources.” So this is not a final decision and does not even mean that a final ruling is near. There may be an additional round of oral arguments, and after the appeals court rules, our case could go on to the California Supreme Court.
Still, it is reassuring to see how the court is leaning so far. I remain hopeful that Deep Springs will become coeducational during its second century.
Dave Hitz
Chairman, Trustees of Deep Springs

Download the Tentative Opinion: 2017-01-06-tentative-appeals-court-ruling


Note added March 3, 2017: Oral Arguments have been scheduled for April 4, 2017, at 8:30 am in Riverside, California