Upcoming Events

1980s Decade Alumni Reunion May 23-25, 2015

The college will host a reunion for alumni and their families from the SB of the 1980s. This is Memorial Day weekend. Look for invitation and details in the mail this winter.

1970s Decade Alumni Reunion Sep. 4-6, 2015

A reunion just for alumni from the 1970s (and whatever family members they wish to bring with them) will be held in the Valley over the 3-day Labor Day weekend. Look for invitation and details in the mail this winter.

Centennial Celebration

As we approach the 100th anniversary of Deep Springs' founding in 2017, many alumni naturally want to revisit the campus. We expect a large gathering that will require careful planning so as not to overwhelm the campus community of forty-five. Actual dates of the event will be announced shortly.

Lodging Information

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Go to the Bishop Area webpage for more information and listings.

Past Events

"All-School" Reunion a Success

Many thanks to the nearly fifty guests who shared the Valley community over Columbus Day weekend, 2014. Alumni, family members, former faculty and neighboring friends enjoyed a number of activities, including a history presentation by Denis Clark DS'69, Jack Newell DS'56 and Bob Gatje DS'44. Denis showed slides of the original Telluride hydropower plants while discussing their early history and evolution of the educational training for engineers at those remote locations. Bob gave selected readings from his memoir of student days at Deep Springs in the 1940s. Jack also gave selected readings and caught everyone up to date on the impending publication in early 2015 of his history of Deep Springs, The Electric Edge of Academe. Other activities included a group hike to the Druid, a tour of the ranch cattle herd and valley grazing allotments conducted by ranch manager Janice Hunter with SB cowboy John Stuart DS'12, and a fine BBQ dinner provided by the SB cooks and BH Chef Marc Mora. The next "all-class" reunion will be the centennial itself in 2017.

Mini-Reunion of Classes 1956-1969

The Valley was home to 20% of the 1960s alumni over Memorial Day weekend, with all but two classes represented on the ranch. Attendees packed a number of activities into two-and-a-half days including: a question & answer session with SB committee officers, President David Neidorf, Dean Amity Wilczek and Farmer Adam Nyborg DS'97; a guided tour of the Bufo Exul habitat at Deep Springs Lake; BBQ dinner at the Boarding House; a special Sunday evening Public Speaking for alumni participants; a discussion of how a Deep Springs education impacted career and life decisions; tours of the ranch; and review of the DS photographic archives from the era. Of course, attendees also had plenty of free time to simply re-connect with each other and make new friendships while lingering in the warm May sunshine of the high desert. We're pleased to have had so many engaged alumni present. Their excitement for Deep Springs even after 40 years was palpable and reassuring.

City Gatherings

President David Neidorf and Development Director David Welle DS'80 visited alumni, former faculty, and friends of the college in during December. They were joined by members of the board of trustees in several locations. Thanks to the scores of guests who attended in Brooklyn, Manhattan, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles. We're grateful to the alumni and board members who hosted the gatherings in their home or neighborhood and made the evenings possible. It is gratifying to see the energetic support we have in the DS Community.

Reunion of Alumni 1935--1955 -- Sept. 22-25, 2013

Deep Springs hosted a mini-reunion of alumni under sunny skies and mild temperatures. Despite some last-minute cancellations (due to illness or unexpected snow on the Sierra passes) which reduced the number of attendees, those alumni who came ranged from class of 1943--1953. One of them had not spent a night in the Valley since his student days in 1948. Activities included a tour of the lower ranch environs and the lake corrals (with a thorough description of operations from Ranch Manager Janice Hunter), probing discussions about student/staff dynamics in the 1940s & 50s, a presentation on the history of the period from former president Jack Newell DS'56, an evening of public speaking with both students and alumni, and plenty of great food from the staff & students in the Boarding House. All those who attended reported that it was one of the most meaningful visits they had ever experienced to Deep Springs. Many thanks to the attendees and to the students/staff for their assistance.

1990s Decade Alumni Reunion - Sept. 3 & 4, 2011

The college was pleased to host over 30 alumni from the 1990s throughout the Labor Day weekend, joined by numerous spouses and families. Tents could be found throughout the ranch. The weekend's activities included a group discussion on the question of coeducation at Deep Springs, a lively night of impromptu public speaking and performance, and fire training for the current students by Zac Unger DS'91 of the Oakland Fire Department. Thanks to everyone for attending!

Boston - August 14, 2011

Diane & Will Masters DS'79 hosted another reception at their home with a dozen former students and faculty from Deep Springs. As a member of the Deep Springs Board of Trustees, Will collected further input on the question of coeducation at Deep Springs during a lively discussion (including those who attended via Skype).

Los Angeles - July 19, 2011

Kevin West DS'88 hosted a reception at his house in Laurel Canyon for two dozen friends and alumni. Deep Springs Trustee Kinch Hoekstra DS'82 moderated a discussion with the group on the question of whether Deep Springs should become coeducational, the minutes of which will be provided to the other members of the board for consideration. In addition to providing the venue, Kevin also cooked the fantastic meal which included some of the preserves he's been working on for his forthcoming book.

San Francisco regional reception - July 17, 2011

Several members of the Deep Springs Board of Trustees gathered for a reception hosted by board member Frank Wu and his wife Carol Izumi at their San Francisco home. The group included current student body trustee Cory Myers DS'10 and several recent graduates from DS'09, DS'07, DS'04 & DS'03. Trustees heard input from over 30 members of the broader DS community on the question of coeducation at Deep Springs College.

Washington D.C. regional reception - June 15, 2011

President David Neidorf joined TDS Vice-Chair Beth Thomas for a reception and discussion hosted by Devon Hodges and Eric Swanson DS'65 at their home in Arlington, VA. This was an opportunity for the board of trustees and the administration to connect with and hear the views of alumni and friends of the college.

Memorial Day weekend May 28-30, 2011

Deep Springs hosted alumni from six decades for the 94th anniversary gathering at the college. They were joined by numerous family members as well as friends of the college from Bishop, including former Ranch Manager Geoff Pope. People camped on lawns at the upper ranch and under the elm trees of the dairy barn. Festivities included an evening of alumni Public Speaking (a reprise of their student days); a presentation by George Taylor DS75 on the future of electricity after fossil fuels; group trips to far-flung corners of the valley; and a community discussion of the question of coeducation at Deep Springs.