Official Positions

Academic Affairs Trustee

Every year, the Student Body elects two first year students to serve as full voting members of the Board of Trustees. One student trustee serves on the Board of Trustees' Academic Affairs Committee. This board committee receives reports on the state of self-governance at the college, evaluates the academic program and poses general questions about how to improve learning at the college: What type of curriculum should be offered at Deep Springs? What can we do to export the spirit and ethic the pervades education in the valley? The academic affairs trustee is a full member of the committee and the board as a whole, sharing in its authority. The SB Trustee also provides a conduit for communications between the student body and the board.


The Deep Springs Archives are vast and complex. They are composed of photographs and written materials that document things such as, information about Deep Springs Valley prior to the establishment of the college, coeducation, collected oral histories, biographies of LL Nunn, student body minutes and student projects. The archivist's main job is managing and maintaining the organization of the archives. The Archvist is also responsible for helping those Deep Springers and non Deep Springers doing research outside and inside the valley get the information they need.

Budget and Operations Trustee

Each year, the Student Body elects two first year students to serve as full voting members of the Board of Trustees. One student trustee serves on the board's Budget and Operations Committee. The B&O Committee oversees all of the college's expenses, revenues, and budgeting. The committee is responsible for ensuring that the physical plant is maintained and for making sure all buildings and equipment are being used efficiently and sustainably. The committee is responsible for fostering an ethic of safety at the college. It manages educational and ranch costs. It also oversees managerial positions at Deep Springs. The budget and operations trustee, in addition to voting as a full member of the committee, acts as a liaison and informant between the student body and the committee.


The fire chief (Dragonslayer) is responsible for fire protection for the college as well as for the health and safety issues of general concern. The fire chief plans protection briefings for the community, fire practices, fire demonstration exercises, and health education. He also maintains and updates equipment, and keeps the fire team trained and ready for emergency situations.

Gandalf and Frodo

The Gandalf controls the internet and radio telephone. He is also responsible for maintaining the college computers and servers. The position is reserved for second-year students. Part of the Gandalf's responsibility is to train one or two first year Frodos to take care of all our technical equipment the following year. This takes a year because our system is extremely complicated, involving a satellite uplink, several radio transmitters, and closets full of wires. A Frodo becomes a Gandalf when he enters the second year.

Labor Commissioner

Students elect a labor commissioner (LC) during the first, third, and fifth term of each year. The LC oversees student labor and maintains a constant dialogue with the farmer and ranch manager in order to stay on top of things that need doing around the ranch. The LC delegates labor positions as judiciously as possible, and works with on the General Labor team (GL) to meet the demands of maintaining the college and ranch. The LC sometimes declares "labor parties" on weekends to cover large projects, which may require the entire student body.

SB President

The Student Body president runs SB meetings. This is a difficult leadership position because the President needs to keep meetings civil and efficient, but still make sure complex issues are given the time they need. The president is the liaison between the Student Body and the administration, and is the Student Body's representative on all formal occasions.


The student body elects a Secretary at the beginning of every term. The Secretary keeps detailed minutes of weekly student body meetings and gives them to the student archivist for safekeeping.


The Treasurer manages all the student body accounts, as well as the Deep Springs bookstore account, which is its own corporation. He is responsible for coordinating all student insurance deposits and deposits for and from the Trustees of the college, as well as managing bookstore and personal billings. The treasurer position lasts one year.

Withrow Commission Representative

The Withrow Commission exists to bring two non-academic lecturers with significant leadership experience in law, governance, politics or business to the college twice a year. The speaker's purpose is to provide the students with actual examples of service work being done outside the valley. The Commission is made up of five people, two of which are student liaisons to the commission.