Faculty Positions

Deep Springs is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Although we have an all-male student body, the College is committed to equal opportunity in employment. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual preference, religion, disability, financial status, age, or (student admissions excepted) gender or gender identity. However, see note below.

Note on non-U.S. applications: Due to time-consuming federal procedures and our limited administrative resources, Deep Springs regrets that it cannot support visa applications for faculty applicants who are not already or otherwise eligible for employment in the United States.

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Long-Term Appointments

Note: The College is not currently seeking applications for any long-term faculty positions.

There are three long-term chairs at Deep Springs: the Robert B. Aird Chair in the Humanities, the Julian Steward Chair in the Social Sciences, and the Herbert Reich Chair in the Natural Sciences. Initial appointments for these chairs are usually for two years, with multi-year renewals for up to six years. Senior scholars in these positions may apply to have their appointments extended more than six years, but Deep Springs does not grant tenure. Occasionally, Deep Springs will offer a year-long position in one of the three major subject areas.

Professors holding these chairs teach two courses in both the Fall and the Winter semesters, as well as any directed or independent studies they choose to take on; they also serve on one of the standing Student Body governance committees.

Short-Term or Visiting Positions

Deep Springs College seeks Visiting Scholars and Artists who are qualified teachers, from graduate students to professors emeriti, in all disciplines.

Applications for short-term visiting positions in the 2016-2017 academic year will be accepted through January 1, 2016.

Available: Fall and Winter Semesters: Visiting Scholars and Visiting Artists

During the two full semesters, (September-December and January-April), we have one to three Visiting Scholars or Visiting Artists teaching at Deep Springs. Visiting professors teach one class in their specialty or discipline.

We are currently entertaining applications for the visiting professors in the fall and winter semesters of the 2016-2017 academic year.

Available: Interim Summer Appointments (May-June)

At the close of our academic year, the seven-week interim summer term (May-June) is entirely staffed by visiting professors. In addition to standard curricular offerings in any liberal arts field, this term is an opportunity for faculty applicants to offer classes of more particular, experimental, or eclectic focus.

We are currently entertaining applications for interim summer term in 2017.

Available: Short-Term or Visiting Appointments for Scholars on Sabbatical Leave

Deep Springs makes a limited number of short-term and summer appointments several years in advance, in order to accommodate applications from scholars planning sabbatical leaves from other institutions, and who might wish to teach one small course as they write-up their research. Applications are currently accepted for Fall 2017 and beyond.

Summer Seminar (July-August)

Note: The College is not currently seeking applications for the Summer Seminar.

At the opening of our academic year, the seven-week Summer Seminar (July-August) is the incoming class's introduction to college work and to life at Deep Springs. This intensive course is typically team-taught, and usually poses questions relevant to the educational experience of Deep Springs: questions concerning community, service, responsibility, and the place of the individual in the world.

Application Procedures for Faculty Candidates

Deep Springs College now receives online applications. While paper and email applications will still be accepted, we prefer that you apply using the form available below.

Online Application

All applications should include the following:

If you are offered a phone interview, we will also request:

If you prefer not to use the online application, please send applications to:

Faculty Search
Curriculum Committee
Deep Springs College
HC 72 Box 45001
Dyer, Nevada 89010

or electronically to curcom@deepsprings.edu.