Deep Springs is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion or political affiliation.

Staff Hiring

Deep Springs employs a ranch manager, farm manager, cook, mechanic/maintenance manager, garden manager, and book-keeper/office manager, all of whom supervise and mentor student labor. Inquiries about staff employment and hiring should be addressed to Padraic MacLeish, Director of Operations, at padraicm@deepsprings.edu.

(There are currently no open staff positions)

Faculty Hiring

During the academic year, Deep Springs hires some of its faculty for multi-year "long-term" appointments, and some for 14-week semester-long "short-term" visiting appointments (September-December and January-April). Additional short-term professors are hired for the two 7-week summer terms: the Interim Term (May-June), when students have the opportunity to try out shorter classes with a more eclectic and unconventional focus; and the Summer Seminar (July-August), an interdisciplinary course oriented broadly around questions of political theory.

Inquiries about faculty employment and hiring should be addressed to Isaac Price-Slade, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, at curcom@deepsprings.edu. For general application information, please see the faculty positions page.

Open Faculty Positions

Please see the faculty positions page for more information.

Short-Term Visiting Appointments, 2016-2017

Visiting Appointments for Scholars on Sabbatical Leave