Deep Springs is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, disability, sexuality, religion or political affiliation.

Staff Hiring

Deep Springs employs a ranch manager, farm manager, cook, mechanic / maintenance manager, garden manager, and book-keeper/office manager, all of whom supervise and mentor student labor. Inquiries about staff employment and hiring should be addressed to Jill Lawrence, Director of Operations, at jlawrence@deepsprings.edu.

Faculty Hiring

During the academic year, Deep Springs hires some of its faculty for multi-year "long-term" appointments, and some for 14-week semester-long "short-term" visiting appointments (September-December and January-April). Additional short-term professors are hired for the two 7-week summer terms: the Interim Term (May-June), when students have the opportunity to try out shorter classes with a more eclectic and unconventional focus; and the Summer Seminar (July-August), an interdisciplinary course oriented broadly around questions of political theory.

Inquiries about faculty employment and hiring should be addressed to John Tanner Horst, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, at curcom@deepsprings.edu. For general application information, please see the faculty positions page.

Open Faculty Positions

Please see the faculty positions page for more information.

Long-Term Professor of Natural Science

Short-Term Visiting Appointments, 2014-2015

Visiting Appointments for Scholars on Sabbatical Leave