The Dorm

The dorm is perhaps the most familiar and homey place for students around campus. Pets, so long as individual students are responsible for them, are welcome. The building, though it is so familiar to students, is perhaps one of the most foreign and mysterious places on campus for many community members. For the most part, it's a "students only" sort of place.

The dorm is fourteen years old and contains 11 student rooms and one guest room. The rooms are much larger than dorm rooms at most other schools and have high, lofted ceilings. Two to five students live in each room. The floor is a low maintenance red-beige terra cotta tiling that will hold up under the heavy tread of cowboy and work boots.

There are two common spaces in the dorm. The Rumpus Room is carpeted and cozy. During the winter months, the fireplace is constantly fed logs that General Labor cuts and stacks for the whole community. You can always find students there, reading or sleeping between classes. Another common space is the elevated Alpine Lodge, complete with a balcony overlooking the back yard of the Dorm.

The backyard is defined by the way the dorm curves away from the Main Circle towards the desert. The irrigation ditch gurgles along the far edge of the yard, which is a good and secluded place to get some reading done in the afternoon or after dinner, just before the sun sets.

There are two laundry machines and a dryer in the laundry room. Most students don't do laundry all that often, but when they do, most hang their clothes out on the line to dry; electricity is expensive and clothes dry quickly in the desert.

Just next to the laundry room is the Bonepile, the Student Body's communal wardrobe. Inevitably, stuff gets left around the college from year to year, so the Bonepile has grown to relatively massive proportions. Every year, the members of the first year class are challenged to show up at Deep Springs without any baggage whatsoever. (No one has actually accepted this challenge, however.) Theoretically, one could find everything one needed in the Bonepile.