The Community

Deep Springs is a home to many. We eat the same food in the same place; we all feel the same effects of the same pressures. We all deal with the same frustrations that being in the valley for a length of time can bring. We all know what it's like for the phone lines to go out when we really need to get in touch with someone in the outside world.

But it's not just the uncomfortable patches of life here that bring us together. We are drawn together in our work and our joy. There isn't anyone at the college that is entirely dissociated from the ranch operation. Most of the community works together to make the big cattle ranch projects, like pregnancy testing and branding, successful. Staff and faculty are always cooking with students, reciprocally teaching and learning. It's easy to feel closer to the President and the Dean when you know that you're cooking their food, and cleaning their dishes, or that you've harvested potatoes with them for an afternoon. It's hard not to feel like family when you're teaching Elias or Ada in the morning, when you're tight under a truck changing oil with Padraic, their father, in the afternoon, when you're talking to Shelby, their mother, about your ex-significant other over dinner, and when you're washing the dishes for everyone into the evening.

The community also has fun together. Everyone shows up for DSPACs and Public Speaking. We celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween together.