The Boardinghouse

The nature and depth of the community is perhaps best expressed through the functioning of the boardinghouse (BH). In theory, everyone has to work in the BH for two terms before they graduate from Deep Springs. It is also a space in which much of our labor finds its conclusion - everyone contributes to the BH operation in one form or another. The butcher, the student driver, the feed man, the dairy boys, the gardeners, and the student cooks all contribute to meals and the BH crew is obviously directly involved with cleanup. Farm Team and the general labor crew are constantly doing projects for the dairy boys and the student gardeners. Even work that's designated for Farm Team, like fixing fence and growing alfalfa, makes it possible to serve Deep Springs beef in the BH.

Meals are served at seven thirty, twelve thirty, and six. Everyone eats together, president with mechanic, mechanic with students, students with mothers and fathers and children. The food is exceptional. All of the milk and beef, as well as most of the vegetables, dairy products, and eggs, are produced at Deep Springs. A professional chef and BH manager is in charge of cleanliness and order in the kitchen, as well as for teaching the student cooks the ins and outs of the kitchen.

Many of the students and faculty members are great cooks. Over the weekends the cooking is opened up to community members. Students and faculty sign up for meals they would like to cook and everyone gets a chance to share their culinary skills and tastes with the community.

There is always someone in the boardinghouse. There is constantly either a cook or a BH team working between five in the morning and eight at night. The BH is also a favorite hangout for the student body at all times of the day.