Ways of Giving

There are several ways you can contribute to each of our programs. Donation forms are available to download and print. When you make a donation, please indicate which of the four categories you prefer.

Please make any donation checks payable to "Deep Springs College". Send them to:

Deep Springs College
HC 72 Box 45001
Dyer, NV 89010-9712

In addition, there are other ways you can contribute to Deep Springs. Please see below.

Bequests and Planned Giving - New Gift Match Opportunity

Consider naming Deep Springs as a beneficiary in your will, trust, or life insurance policy. If you wish to make Deep Springs a beneficiary of your will or retirement account, you now have added incentive. We have a generous foundation gift match wherein your planned gift in the future can garner the college 10% in matching funds right now.

Notify us of your estate gift plans for Deep Springs, and the Hitz Foundation will match 10% of your bequest with a current contribution. (Example, if you name Deep Springs as the beneficiary of your $50,000 retirement policy in the future, we will receive a $5,000 gift this year from the foundation.) You can earn an additional gift for Deep Spring now, by planning your own gift to Deep Springs in the future.

Download the details and Notification Form to complete your gift plan.

Credit Card Online

Deep Springs can now accept online credit card donations, via two options.

  1. Go to our CONTRIBUTE link
  2. Select the Donate button there and follow instructions for making a credit card gift. The transaction fee is 2.9%
  3. You can create a login account to view your complete personal gift history at Deep Springs.
  4. Contributions go directly to Deep Springs, and you will receive a tax receipt from us.
  5. Please note that we can accept only Visa, MasterCard, and Discover


  1. Click on the "Network for Good" link.
  2. Follow the online instructions to set up a giving account, including donation amount and frequency and credit card information. You will be able to edit these details at any time by returning to the site.
  3. You can monitor your contributions and obtain tax receipts directly via your Network for Good account.
  4. Network For Good accepts all forms of online payment

Please contact our office below if you have any difficulty or questions.

Stocks and Securities

Stock transfer or cash wire transfer instructions:

  1. Contact the Deep Springs development office at (760) 920-6432 or dwelle@deepsprings.edu
  2. We will then provide you with our necessary investment account information.
  3. You can provide that information to your broker or financial institution, then let us know (a) the stock transfer donor, (b) date of transfer, (c) amount of transfer, and (d) the intent of the donation (i.e. endowment, annual giving, or specific capital fund).

We need to go through these steps in order for us to correctly track your donation. Deep Springs holds its investment accounts with State Street Global Markets in Boston, MA.

Matching Gift Contributions

Please ask your employer or organization for information on matching gift eligibility and program limitations. Many companies have conjoined foundations to match charitable giving by their employees. If your company has such a program, please name Deep Springs College in the gift matching documentation.

Contributions of Goods or Services

For an in-kind gift, please contact our office with a description and value of the gift, and how to take delivery.

Memorial Donations

Targeted donations to Deep Springs can be made in honor or memory of someone special. Such donations are welcome and will be duly recorded in our annual report.

Please direct inquiries to:

David Welle

We deeply appreciate your participation in this unique educational endeavor.