When will Deep Springs admit women as students?

Deep Springs is pursuing legal permission to become a coeducational college, but the legal process is lengthy. Unfortunately, we are NOT able to accept applications from women for the class entering in 2015.

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The Process

Candidates for admission are required to take the SAT or ACT and complete a two-stage application. The deadline for Part I of the application, which includes an official transcript and three essays, is November 7; all applications must be postmarked and/or submitted online by this deadline. If, due to unusual circumstances, you feel you will have difficulty meeting the deadline, please contact the Applications Committee.

Once applications arrive at Deep Springs, they are read and rated by a number of readers, including members from ApCom as well as Student Body and faculty recruited from the wider community. ApCom meets to discuss and vote on each application individually and decides which applicants will be invited to the valley during Term 4 in the winter for an interview.

In mid-late December, applicants will find out if they have been invited to complete Part II of the applications process. Those invited must submit Part II of the application, which includes two letters of recommendation and additional essays, by January 15. They also must schedule, if possible, a three-to-four day visit and interview by the end of February. During the applicant's visit, he or she has the opportunity to participate in labor, to observe academics and self-governance, and to see what life at Deep Springs is like. They are also asked to discuss their application in an interview with ApCom.

Final decisions are mailed out by mid-April.


You may download a pdf copy of the most recent Deep Springs College Brochure.

Deep Springs Admissions News

9.17.13 Deep Springs Moves to Online Application System

Deep Springs College is now accepting online applications at While we encourage applicants to make use of the new system, we will also continue to accept hard copy applications. The mode of submission will in no way affect an applicant's chances of admission. Further questions can be directed to Applications Committee co-chairs Pablo Uribe and Zachary Robinson at

1.9.13 Inyo Superior Court Issues Initial Ruling Setting Back Coeducation at Deep Springs

In a partial ruling issued yesterday, the Inyo Superior Court set back the effort of the Trustees of Deep Springs College (TDS) to begin admitting women to the college prior to the completion of the ongoing coeducation litigation. The ruling prevents Deep Springs from admitting women to the college in 2013.

We are disappointed that we cannot move ahead with coeducation this year, but remain confident about the final outcome of the ongoing litigation. By stipulation, the Court has so far considered only a portion of the requests made by Deep Springs in its petition to affirm the Trustees' decision to transition Deep Springs College to a coeducational institution. Deep Springs and its trustees remain committed to a codeucational future for the college.

Below you can read the letters Deep Springs sent out to current applicants.

    2013-01-08 College Letter to Female Applicants

    2013-01-08 College Letter to Male Applicants

12.19.12 Second-Round Notifications Delayed Until Mid-January

Deep Springs has changed its notification dates for admission to the second round of our applications process. For the class entering in 2013, applicants will be notified if they have been admitted to Part II of the applications process in mid-January. This is a change from the mid-December notification we have used in previous years, which is noted on the application form.

As you are probably aware, the College is waiting for a judicial ruling to ensure that we may include women in the 2013 entering class. The Judge intended to make his ruling by December 15 but he recently informed us that his schedule makes him unable to issue that ruling until early January. As a result, we will delay issuing our second-round invitations until we know more.

The due-date for second round essays will also change; it will be at least two weeks after we inform applicants who have reached the second round of their status. For those curious about the second-round essay questions in the meantime, you can download a PDF version of our second-round application here.

We greatly regret having to keep applicants waiting. We want you to know that we are grateful to both our male and female applicants for your interest in Deep Springs, and that we doing everything we can to make coeducation at Deep Springs a reality for the class of 2013.

11.5.12 Hurricane Sandy Application Extension

Deep Springs is granting a week-long application extension to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. If this applies to you, your new postmark deadline is November 14th. We do ask that you please let us know - either by email or by a note attached to your application - if you will be taking advantage of this extension. We hope that you and your friends and family are all safe and sound, and that the process of rebuilding and repair proceeds as quickly as possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

8.8.12 Deep Springs Now Recruiting Women Applicants

Deep Springs is pleased and proud to welcome inquiries and applications from women for admission to the class entering in 2013. We invite prospective women applicants to send their contact information to us at

Our first priority in admissions will remain the same; maintaining current standards of academic ability, leadership potential, and desire to assume active and practical responsibility for the ongoing life of the Deep Springs community.

In addition, during a transitional period the college plans to prioritize achieving gender balance in the student body; we plan to admit a coeducational class in 2013 that is at least one half female. Transfer students are, as always, also encouraged to apply.

The Trustees of Deep Springs voted decisively in favor of coeducation, and are currently working through a legal process to implement this decision. We are optimistic enough to begin recruitment, but legal matters are difficult to predict with complete certainty. For this reason we want to inform prospective applicants that we may be prevented from admitting them to the college in the summer of 2013. Since submitting a college application never guarantees admission, we hope this won't discourage applicants from getting interested in Deep Springs. We look forward to hearing from you.