When will Deep Springs admit women as students?

Deep Springs is pursuing legal permission to become a coeducational college, but the legal process is lengthy. The College has won a court order that makes possible the admission of women, but that finding is currently under appeal. Unfortunately, we are NOT able to accept applications from women for the class entering in 2016.

For more information, please see the News and Events > Coeducation tab.

The Process

Candidates for admission are required to take the SAT or ACT and complete a two-stage application. The deadline for Part I of the application, which includes an official transcript and three essays, is November 7; all applications must be postmarked and/or submitted online by this deadline. If, due to unusual circumstances, you feel you will have difficulty meeting the deadline, please contact the Applications Committee.

Once applications arrive at Deep Springs, they are read and rated by a number of readers, including members from ApCom as well as Student Body and faculty recruited from the wider community. ApCom meets to discuss and vote on each application individually and decides which applicants will be invited to the valley during Term 4 in the winter for an interview.

In mid-late December, applicants will find out if they have been invited to complete Part II of the applications process. Those invited must submit Part II of the application, which includes two letters of recommendation and additional essays, by January 15. They also must schedule, if possible, a three-to-four day visit and interview by the end of February. During the applicant's visit, he or she has the opportunity to participate in labor, to observe academics and self-governance, and to see what life at Deep Springs is like. They are also asked to discuss their application in an interview with ApCom.

Final decisions are mailed out by mid-April.


You may download a pdf copy of the most recent Deep Springs College Brochure.