The Telluride Association

The first of L.L. Nunn's purely educational projects, Telluride Association (TA) was formally constituted in 1911 as an association of students, most of whom were veterans of one or another of Nunn's projects. Through educational communities that rely on democratic participation, TA aims to foster an everyday synthesis of self-governance and intellectual inquiry that enables students to develop their potential for leadership and public service.

Currently, TA programs include two self-governing scholarship houses for college students, one at Cornell (CBTA), and one at the University of Michigan (MBTA). In the past, TA has included houses at Pasadena, Berkeley, and Chicago.

TA also runs two summer programs for high school students, the Summer Program for High School Juniors (TASP) and the Sophomore Seminar (TASS).

Some TASSers and TASPers continue on to Deep Springs, and a number of Deep Springers have gone on to live in one of the two Telluride houses or to join the Association.

Telluride Association holds its annual convention at Deep Springs every 7 years, and maintains a liaison with Deep Springs. The Student Body in turn convenes a Deep Springs/Telluride Association Liaison Committee with the goal of fostering communication and discussion between members of the two organizations.

Applicants considering Deep Springs might also be interested in applying to the Telluride houses at Cornell and Michigan.

Please visit the Telluride Association for more information.