Deep Springs College Mission Statement

Adopted 1998, and reaffirmed by TDS January 2005 and October 2010

Leadership and enlightened service are the aims of Deep Springs, which fulfills its educational mission by bringing students into intense contact with nature, work, and ideas.

Deep Springs' challenging and comprehensive educational program is designed for a few of the most promising students entering college each year.

No tuition or fees are levied, but strenuous effort, self-governance, and selfless service to the community are expected of everyone.

The college takes sound principles of teaching and learning to their practical limits.

Based on a cattle ranch in an isolated desert-mountain valley, the college enables its twenty-six male students to experience and take year-round responsibility for a largely self-sustaining community, ranch, and farm, while requiring them to engage in a two-year liberal arts honors program.

Learning is pursued to solve real problems, both practical and social, for the joy of intellectual understanding and humane action.

Those who are educated at Deep Springs incur a lifelong obligation to improve the human condition.